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Monger's Choice

Monger’s Choice – Top Row (L-R): Vegan Terrine, Duck Salami, Wild Boar Pate, Spicy Capicola.
Bottom Row (L-R): Kunik, Inspiration, Teahive, Shaker Blue.

Cheese & Charcuterie

1 for $5

3 for $13

5 for $21

Monger’s Choice – Selection of Cheeses & Charcuterie for $26




Cremont – Vermont Creamery│Websterville, VT│Pasteurized Goat & Cow

An easy-to-love soft cheese paired with tangy goat’s milk and rich cow’s cream. Paired with a pink peppercorn puff. 

Moses Sleeper – Jasper Hill Farms Greensboro, VT Pasteurized Cow

This is an oozy cheese with hints of both a vegetal and buttery flavor.  Paired with honey wheatgrass jelly. 






Red Hawk – Cowgirl Creamery Point Reyes, CA Raw Cow

A stinky, but oh so triple creamy cheese.  Paired with apple cider jelly.

Inspiration – Mt. Mansfield Creamery Morrisville, VT│Raw Cow

Supple and silky with lingering flavor and a little bit of funk. Paired with cranberry compote.

Alpha Tolman – Jasper Hill Farms │Hardwick, VT│Raw Cow

A bold Alpine style cheese with funky, savory flavors and a bright sharpness. Paired with a crunchy honey corn kiss. 




Tarentaise – Spring Brook Farm | Reading, VT | Raw Cow

Earthy, grassy, and sweet.  French Alpine style. Paired with Riesling-poached plum jam.

2 Yr Cheddar - Shelburne Farms | Shelburne, VT | Pasteurized Cow

This classic Vermont cheddar has a great bite and a rich finish. Paired with dried orange cherries. 

Teahive  - Beehive Cheese Co. | Uintah, Utah | Pasteurized Cow

Cheddar style, hand-rubbed with black tea and bergamot oil.  Paired with lemon lavendar shortbread.

Manchester – Consider Bardwell Farm  |  Dorset, VT Raw Goat

Funky and fun, with a great richness and a light farmhouse tang. Paired with orange port reduction.



Middlebury Blue – Blue Ledge Farm Leceister, VT Pasteurized  Cow

Creamy with a mild grassy and fruitiness.  A relatively mellow blue.  Paired with a red wine marshmallow.

Original Blue – Point Reyes Creamery Point Reyes, CA  Raw Cow

This coastal California classic balances its bite with a creamy texture. Paired with a charcoal macaron. 



Finnochiona – Molinari

A finely ground pork and fennel salami produced traditionally in the Tuscan style.

Saucisson Basquese – Salumeria Biellese 

This Basque-style pork sausage captures the rich flavors of the region with a spicy tang and smokey flavor.

Country Paté – Three Little Pigs

The ultimate classic French paté, made from coarsely ground heritage pork, blended with herbs and spices.

Smoked Duck Breast – Three Little Pigs

Beautiful New York Sate Duck Breasts smoked to impart a rich flavor.

Chorizo Secco – Charlito Cocina 

An old time classic made with heritage breed, pasture raised pork. Seasoned with sea salt, mild paprika and garlic.

Speck Alto Adige – Recla

From the border region between Italy and Germany, this ham draws inspiration from both country’s traditions and is both smoked and salt-cured.

Tamworth Prosciutto – Rosso – La Quercia

Connoisseurs of cured pork know Tamoworth is a must-try heritage breed, and this beautiful domestic prosciutto is masterfully cured to highlight its bright, almost raspberry-like flavor.




Smoked Salmon St. James Smokehouse  - 10

Served with toasted orzo, cantaloupe, and tarragon dressing.

Roasted Mushroom Salad – 10

Chanterelle and cremini mushrooms, mixed lettuces, and shallot & thyme vinaigrette

Almost Spring Salad – 8

Roasted green onion, pickled garlic, leaf lettuce, Manchester goat cheese, onion vinaigrette

Miso Noodles – 9

soba noodles, hon-shimeji mushrooms, brussels sprout leaves, sriracha oil

Duck Confit – 12

Slow cooked Pekin duck leg, roasted fennel, walnuts, Malvasia poached cherries and roasted onion vinaigrette




 Small plates are housemade daily and served with freshly baked  Bread in Cafe Le Perche Hudson, NY.

Hummus – 6

Tapenade – 6

Kale Pesto – 6

Gigante Beans – 6



Marcona Almonds – 3

Sicilian Olives – 4

Quinoa – 4

*Menu subject to change. Contact Charles F Lucas Confectionery for daily updates.




Our coffee is roasted every Wednesday in Brooklyn by Blue Bottle Coffee Co. The coffee is shipped on the same day to ensure the freshest coffee possible. Many of the coffees are organically farmed and processed.

Pour-Over Coffee – 3

French Press

One Cup – 3.5

Two & A Half Cups – 5

Espresso – 2.5                                                                                              Mocha – 4.5

Cappuccino – 3.5                                                                                        Iced Americano – 3

Macchiato – 3                                                                                              Honey Steamer – 3

Latte – 4                                                                                                        Iced Tea – 2.5

New Orleans Style Iced Coffee – 3 This rich iced coffee is cold brewed for 20 hours with roasted chicory to add an earthy note. Served with milk and sugar to balance the intense flavors.


Our Teas come from Harney and Son’s in Millerton, NY. Since 1983 Harney and Son’s has been sourcing and blending the finest teas from around the world.

One Cup – 3             Two & A Half Cups – 4.5

Black:                                                                                           Green and Herbal:

English Breakfast                                                                         Gunpowder (fresh, smoky)

Pu-erh (Deep, Bold)                                                                     Genmaicha (toasted rice)

Ceylon and India                                                                          White Peach

Decaf Assam                                                                                Chamomile

Super Chai                                                                                   Lemon Herbal

Peaches and Ginger                                                                    Peppermint

Earl Grey Yerba Mate (grass, earth)

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