Cheesemonger Beckie on Caveman Blue

Cheese Board Confessions

It makes perfect sense to start this blog off by featuring my current favorite cheese:
Caveman Blue from Rogue Creamery in Central Point Oregon.


Made from (rBST free) raw cows milk
and aged a minimum of six months in lime stone walled caves;
it’s golden glow and deep blue-green veins scream funky.
However, this blue is anything but.


Lacking the intense saltiness of a typical blue,
Caveman is thick like fudge, smooth like butter, sweet like vanilla and caramel,
and leaves delightful hints of hazelnuts and pepper on your tongue.


While the folks at Rogue Creamery suggest pairing this unique blue
with a thick and creamy stout or a barley wine;
I find I enjoy it most when paired with a touch of Nutella
(as it is served at The Charles F. Confectionery and Wine Bar).
It really is the perfect dessert.

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